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June 3, 2021

Keep your gains even when on vacation! Here's how.

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Whether you’re traveling for work or going on a much-anticipated vacation, you don’t have to abandon all your healthy habits when away from home. You can have an amazing vacation and a productive business trip and without gaining weight or getting out of shape.


Here’s how!


1. Move every day. Just because you’re away from the gym doesn’t mean you should stop exercising. Going for a jog or a long walk through a new city is a great way to explore. If you’re on a business trip and don’t have time for a long workout, hit the hotel gym for a quick, high intensity workout.


2. Indulge intelligently. You can enjoy drinks, desserts, and extravagant meals on vacation, but make sure every day has some balance. Start the day with a healthy breakfast and eat a light lunch if you know you’ll be eating a decadent dinner. You can give some thought to your nutrition while away from home without completely denying yourself.


3. Regulate sleep. If you’re on a work trip it’s easier to stick to your normal sleep schedule. However, one of the great joys of vacation is sleeping in. It’s okay to stay up later and sleep in while on vacation, but try not to deviate too wildly from your usual sleep schedule. To make the transition back to work easier, try moving closer to your normal schedule a day or two before you come home.


Remember, vacation doesn’t have to be unhealthy to be fun! Follow these tips and you’ll come home fit, well-rested, and happy.

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