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December 12, 2020

Introducing the Stronger Together Couples Challenge!

The Like Water CrossFit Stronger Together Couples challenge will start on January 16th, 2021! What a great way to ring in the New Year by working on your fitness, health, and nutrition goals! So grab your partner and get ready to have some fun and work on your fitness!

What is the Stronger Together Couples challenge?

It is for new and returning members who want to challenge themselves and their partners to get in shape and work on nutrition. It is 6 weeks long. Working out is covid friendly! Each week - You will have 5 at-home workouts, programmed to accommodate working out at home, and on Saturdays - there will be a couples challenge workout at Like Water Crossfit (lead by Doug).

For nutrition: you will receive a couple’s guide with recipe ideas, nutrition tips, and helpful information. There will be a before and after In-body scan. We will do a get started meeting at the beginning of the challenge. There will be bi-weekly accountability checks with the nutrition coach (Rachel).

So how do you win?
The winner will be determined by your before and after In-body scan. It will be an average of you and your partner's BMI change.

The prize?
You and your partner will receive your entry fee back and you will also win a free month of fitness for both you and your partner at Like Water CrossFit!!

For six weeks - $240
You will receive 6 workouts a week, with one at the gym on Saturdays, a couple’s nutrition guide with recipe ideas, before and after In-body scan, a get-started nutrition meeting, bi-weekly nutrition accountability check-ins

To run the challenge, we will need a minimum of 5 couples! So grab your partner and invite your friends and sign up for this fun and exciting challenge!

Sign up here!

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