Tiffani Douglas
Tiffani Douglas

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Tiffani Douglas

In high school, I participated in Cheerleading, Soccer, and Track & Field purely for the fact that I loved the feeling of being part of a “team” and “community.” I was never considered the “athletic” kid and didn’t consider myself an athlete until I joined CrossFit in 2016. CrossFit and Martial Arts have reignited my love and passion for being part of a hardworking group and were the turning point when I decided I really wanted to help lead others so they may enjoy being active with others.

Due to the fact that I wasn’t considered “athletically gifted” when younger, I felt a lot of people doubted my mental and physical strength. I wanted to be someone who others looked up to and aspired to be. I wanted to prove to others, and most importantly myself, that I was a force to be reckoned with and could do anything with hard work. The pride and happiness I feel when achieving these goals and showing others that they too can do difficult things is the most gratifying feeling. And since working in the medical field, I have seen firsthand how truly important fitness and health are in dictating our lives.

I met my amazing husband, Doug, when I decided to become healthier and fitter. Since then we’ve had our beautiful daughter, Ripley. My purpose for coaching is to show her how strong women are and the amazing things we can achieve with hard work. There is no other place I’d rather raise our girl, than around others with the mindset of creating a better life for themselves through CrossFit and Martial Arts.